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Fractal Studios has turned on its creative side with both writing and producing an entirely new fantasy world and trading card game, Lexicon.

Set in Cantor, Lexicon follows the journey of one man, Brandon of the Banner and his quest to discover himself.

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Lexicon Mechanics

Lexicon will feature both trading and booster pack mechanics, similar to that of Pokemon. It will also feature gaming and battle mechanics like Hearthstone. It is an all in one blockchain card game! Lexicon is a Deck Builder/ Trading Card Game built around the adventure of Brandon and the Banner of Lexicon to save Cantor.

There are several classes of card, each with their own unique style of play. There are Evasive and Ranged classes fighting alongside Tank and Control classes. This makes play dynamic and ever evolving.

Primarily based upon strategy rather than card brute force, Lexicon prevents a pay-to-win model by introducing diverse card types to both the core set and add-on boosters. Cards can be bought and sold in the card NFT marketplace, driving up the value of each NFT card based upon what style of play is prevalent in the community at any given time.

Story Mode

In story mode, follow the journey of Brandon and the Banner through the perils that they face along the roads of Cantor. In the wake of the emergence of a mysterious other-dimensional portal near the base of the Mountains of Wyndel, Brandon is charged with building and leading the Banner, bearers of the Banner of Lexicon, across the land in search of heroes to journey into the Rift and close it. They will have to work together to stop the end of all time and save the very existence of their world. Build your own deck and take it on the 23 stage journey through Cantor to read the full original fiction.

Lexicon NFT Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Lexicon? Our Discord members and team will answer all your questions, but maybe the answer of your question is already below!

The game is currently in development and it will feature Fractal Studios Fantom Unity plugin. We don't have a set deadline, but we do plan to release the game in several phases. Join our discord if you want to join for beta testing.

Lexicon is an original story written by chronicdispositions and features a full lore, card game mechanics, land deeds sales, and more. Lexicon is more than just NFTs, its an entire universe created by Fractal Studios.

All of our artwork is original, including the character development the art is based upon. You also receive 5 NFTs per pack, which is an amazing deal! So we know that once all the packs are sold, the second hand market price will be greatly increased.

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